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AGRO-BIOGENICS (CLEAN-TECH) PVT LTD ( Bangalore are prepared to take up the Challenge posed by MAHATMA GANDHI: that of Poverty Problem. We are prepared to solve both the Poverty Problem and the Energy Problem,  thereby simultaneously work on the twin-problems of Global Warming and Poverty (GWP)

Gandhi Ji’s unparalleled “Satyagraha Fight” against the might of the British was rewarded with India’s being proclaimed as an Independent nation; yet, 65 years later, we are a Poverty ridden nation, “begging” with our bowls at the Doors of the Western world. Governments come and go: paying lip service to Gandhi Ji’s concept of Village Development and POORNA SWARAJ. Lakhs of Crores of rupees are spent in the name of Khadi, Village Development, Rural development and so on. Yet the 638, 600 villages where over 850 million people live are dilapidated and in wretched conditions. The Governing people (Parliamentarians, Legislators, IAS officials, Planners, Government Officials, Industrialists and various Elite Groups) continue to become richer and richer; but the Villages are continuing to be poorer and poorer! But, YES! We ( AGRO-BIOGENICS (CLEAN-TECH) PVT LTD Bangalore ) have the answer to counter Poverty and the dreaded Energy problem too.

Our Population and Renewable Resources (Plants/ vegetation, Agrowastes, Organic wastes etc and Rainwater, Sunlight and Soil) are our Resources

RURAL POPULATION = 742,490,639 (61.36%)

URBAN POPULATION = 286,119,689 (23.64%)

CITY/ METRO POPULATION = 181,583,094 (15%)

We look at potential Energy Generation through Organics wastes:

  1. Approximately 0.5 Kg of food materials are averagely wasted per individual, per day, during the food material travel from field to kitchen and further after eating. These could be converted into the following (India’s population = 1.21 billion):

    • Methane Gas ………………….….. 30,670,220 T

    • Neutral CO2 ………………………. 145,648.15 T

    • Bio-Fertilizer (Solids) …………… 70,583.33 T

    • H2S …………………………………….… 2240.74 T

  1. About 60 Million T of food grains are rotting in Godowns. If these were converted into Biogas, the following are the potentials:

    • Methane gas ……………………….. 30,303,000 T

    • Neutral CO2 …………………..……. 9,332,400 T

    • Bio-Fertilizer (Solids) ………….. 1,399,860 T

  1. On the basis of 350 ha of land per village (Total “productive” villages estimated @ 600,000) the annual vegetation/ organic wastes available @ 5 T per ha = 1,050,000,000 T. If ONLY 50% were considered we generate the following @:

    • Methane Gas ……………………….. 39,375,000 T

    • Neutral CO2 …………………………. 68,250,000 T

    • Bio-Fertilizer (Solids) ……….…… 33,075,000 T

    • H2S …………………………………..….. 1,050,000 T

Total Power Potential (both Heat + Electricity) from (1), (2) and (3) = 35,000 MW + 35,000 MW + 44, 950 MW (114,950 MW). India now struggles to produce about 130,000 MW, including private Diesel generated power etc (which itself is deficient by 30%) … The Energy Potential (Units) = 1,006,962,000,000 KWH.

What AGRO-BIOGENICS (AB) would Offer:

  1. AB would collect all Wastes from Towns/ Cities/ Villages for recycling and further processing

  2. At least 302,088,600,000 (Units, both Heat + Electricity) would be made available to the Grid @ Re.1 per unit. These would be provided in the form of METHANE GAS to an extent of 20,928,600 T. This volume could be re-worked and appropriate modifications made, as per ACTUAL conditions prevailing on the basis of an greed “audit” every Three years

  3. A total of 10,363,633 T Bio-Fertilizer (solids) would be offered @ Rs.5 per Kg to Local Farm community (to be decided on the basis of land and wastes supplied)

  4. TOTAL VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT (about 600,000 Villages all over India), offering not less than 100,000,000 people “all the year” Jobs in their own local village environments, with average monthly earning power of Rs.5,000

  5. The Projects could be begun on a “first-cum-first served” basis, and beginning in the first State that wants to enter. The entire Projects could be completed in Five years in the First State that enters into arrangement (NOTE: As the Total Potentials are computed on All-India basis, the individual State potentials are to be estimated separately)


The following support policies are required:

  1. Each Household and Establishment MUST segregate Food/ Bio Organics and Inorganic materials

  2. Each Village, Street area MUST form an Association for Waste Disposal, and be responsible for the upkeep of the surroundings CLEAN

  3. Any Littering in any place shall be Fined (The quanta of Fine to be discussed and decided)

  4. Wastes MUST be segregated into the following Categories for collection:

    • Plastics/ Packaging (Paid @ Rs.5/ Kg)

    • Food wastes (Paid @ Rs.2/ Kg … dry)

    • Paper (Paid @ Rs.3/ Kg … dry)

    • Cloth (Paid @ Rs.5/ Kg dry)

    • Electrical/ Electronic (Paid @ Rs.3/ Kg)

    • Others (No payment)

  1. Our Company and Joint-Venture Companies should be Income Tax exempted for Twenty years. All other Government levies (Sales tax, Excise, Octroi etc) also to be exempted. These must be allowed to every employee of the Company and Joint-Venture companies

  2. All Food materials/ cereals rotting in Government Godowns MUST be offered to AB, unconditionally @ Rs.2000 per ton

  3. All Agrowastes and other unclassified vegetation/ organic matter MUST be made available to AB, for which values @ Rs.0/50 to Rs.2/ per Kg would be offered

  4. AB would have to be supported with a GRANT of Rs.30 Cr to set up an AGRO-POLYMER INDUSTRY COMPLEX (APIX) Pilot Project. The said APIX_Pilot would showcase Waste processing. Whichever State offers the same FIRST would get an additional benefit of 5% on the annual returns of AB’s Total Indian businesses, all throughout.

  5. AB would also need some additional Government/ Public support that would be delineated in a more detailed statement

WE THROW OPEN THIS CHALLENGE TO ANY GOVERNMENT STATE/ CENTRAL, OR EVEN TO ANY ENTREPRENEUR. If an Entrepreneur comes forward to support our Projects with Funding, the said Entrepreneur/ Group would have 33% Stake allowed in OUR Company. These are for ALL-WORLD Developments … In the ENTIRE TROPICS where we are prepared to operate and take up the Problem solving of GLOBAL WARMING AND POVERTY (GWP)


It is estimated that the potential businesses (MEGA-BUSINESSES) involved through utilizing available Renewable Resources (RR) are about US $15 Trillion to $20 trillion – the tropics alone accounting for 75% of these!

  • And here is AGRO-BIOGENICS calling Entrepreneurs all over the tropics (particularly in India) to come forward …
  • We believe that business alone could develop and transform our nations into Developed Nations.

Businesses and Institutions interested in associating with us … please read our OBJECTIVES here:


For immediate contact: …


Updated on March 31, 2014

Posted October 2, 2011 by Hariharan PV (pvhramani)

4 responses to “India’s Development Through Village Development

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  2. Sir,

    As any member of Planning Commission or Elected Representative visited these blogs and noted the bare facts which are wrongly presented and interpreted to the outside world to get their appreciation and rise their rank in the developing nation list. Hope one really takes time to read and digest their own lapses which are undermining the spirit of the modern day ‘Naujawan’


    • Hello Alekya
      It seems no one from any of these “great systems/ institutions” seems to have visited the site … or , may be even if some one has visited … perhaps he/she would have considered the presentation here as humdrum! However, we mean what we have presented ahere and STAND BY the same …Hariharan PV


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